Chapter News

Next Chapter Meeting:

Wednesday, June 16, 2021  6:00 PM

Voting 6:15 PM - 6:45 PM

At the Union Office  (Map)
3083 Gold Canal Drive, Suite 200
Rancho Cordova  CA 95670 

( MOUs - see links to the right )

Updated Transportation Contract (2017-2020)

CSEA Chapter 528 Constitution Amended March 10, 2016


Previous Election Results

2019 Officers:

  • President - Rob Thomas (MSG# 337-0634)
  • 1st Vice President Omera Johnson
  • Comprehensive Unit Vice President -Renee Justice
  • Transportation Unit Vice President Jeff Ferland
  • Treasurer - John Kenney
  • Secretary - Candince Krueger
  • Chief Job Steward - Joann Perez (MSG# 607-0575)
  • Communications Officer - Ed McCarthy
  • Site Rep Coordinator - Jeanne Harrington


CSEA Contacts:

Labor Relations Representative

Dominic Gualco

 (916) 725-1188   

Toll-Free: 1-800-582-7314 ext. 7317





(916) 725-1188

Field Office Website




Retro Pay Increases

As part of the Compensation Increases, the July 1, 2020 increase of 3.5% (retro pay) checks will be available on July 7th!

Special  Chapter Ratification Meeting Results - 6-16-2021

All 7 Items Passed!

TA for Compensation Increase: Yes = 56  N0 = 2
MOU #18 Help Desk Tech Testing and Assessment: Yes = 56  N0 = 1 
MOU #19 ETIS Summer Work Chromebooks: Yes = 57  N0 = 0
MOU#20 Association Leave: Yes = 57  N0 = 0
MOU #21 IA Additional Work Day: Yes = 56  N0 = 1
MOU Paraeducator General: Yes = 57  N0 = 0
MOU Various Job Descriptions: Yes = 56  N0 = 1

MOU Links:
MOU Job Descriptions for the following positions - Preschool Instructional Assistant, Preeschool Associate Teacher,
Preschool Teacher, Research Assistant II – Testing
Assessment, Delivery Driver, Paraeducator – General,
Facilities Accountant, Instructional Assistant – Career and
Technical/Adult Education/Welding

Chapter Meetings

Chapter Meeting restrictions are changing.  Please check your e-mail for notices and updates.  The Official Meeting invite and Official Agenda will be mailed a week prior to the meeting and posted here,  meeting content and documentation for review will be sent beforehand with as much lead time as possible.

Corona Virus Update Info

CSEA values our members health above all else.  Due to the COVID19 outbreak and subsequent measures to curtail its spread upcoming  Chapter Meetings will be online. The New Employee Orientation(s) at ESC will be rescheduled.

For more information:
Use this link to check your district mail -  to verify if your supervisor needs you to show up at work at some point during the closure as well as receive important information from the Chapter's Executive Board ( eBoard). 
Use this link for updates from the district, as well as links to resources to protect yourself against COVID19 -

Sac State SPED Program Opportunity

Sac State SPED Flier

Attend a webinar or contact the school directly if you feel that you have a calling to work with SPED or special needs children in the K-12 classroom environment.  Credential SPED teachers are in high demand in our district, region and throughout the state.  The image to the left is a link to the flier to further explore various degree and other programs that Sac State offers, in addition to financial assistance.

CSEA New Employee Induction

Overview and Presentation of CSEA to newly hired employees at the ESC  on Thursday TBD for new employees.  Be sure to have your manager's approval prior to attending.

Chapter Christmas Party 2020

Our next celebration has been postponed.   The event will be free to all Chapter Members.

2020 - 2022 Compensation Negotiations:

Tentative Agreement for 2020 -2021 and 2021-2022 School Years


Negotiating Team 2020- 2021

Steve Hanson                         Chief Negotiator

Renee Justice                          Instructional Assistants 

Rob Thomas                           Accounting/Specialists

Steve Cleveland                     Maintenance     

 (2 yr term ending in Sept 2021)


Marissa Nicknig                     Food Services  

Omera Johnson                      Clerical and Administrative

Jeanne Harrington              Operations

Roger Lundberg                     Transportation

(2 yr term ending in Sept 2022)