2021 CSEW and Board Meeting Pressure Campaign
Group Photo outside ESC at 5/20/2021 Board Meeting
Love all the Blue Shirts - Don't Feed us APPLESAUCE!

2019 CSEA Annual Conference - Las Vegas
2019 Delegates at Annual Conference
Chapter 528 Conference Delegates working hard ensuring your voice was heard

Omera J. presenting Bjork Fund Chapter Donation
Omera Johnson presenting Association 1st Vice President Shane Dishman with Chapter's $800 donation to Dorothy Bjork Fund

2019 CSEW - Chapter 528's CSEA Classified School Employee Week Event
Chapter's CSEW event
The Chapter's first CSEW Event - Cake and BBQ enjoyed by many

The cooks
Ed M. and John K. cooking up it up for all to feast upon

Daryl provided relief to the tiring cooks
Dyarl O. standing by to give the cooks a break - Thank you Dyarl

Members enjoying time together away from the grind
Members, some with family, enjoying CSEA appreciation week event with co-workers away from the job

Good times at 528 CSEW event
May 2019 528 CSEW event flier and cakes

2018 Chapter Christmas Party - Carmichael Elks Lodge
Mr and Ms Frosty ...
Renee J. putting final touches on Christmas party decorations

2018 CSEA Annual Conference - Sacramento

2017 Chapter Christmas Party - Carmichael Elks Lodge
Ahhh the candy cane :)
Candy cane picture taking prop

A wonderful dinner with members, co-workers and family
A wonderful dinner, prizes and such ... the Chapter Christmas Party is free to all members

Renee J. being shy
Renee J. being shy

Mr Claus
Mr. Claus, aka Dyarl ...

2017 Chapter Xmas Party
Joann H. snapping a few memories